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AMP Sugar Free, AMP Overdrive, AMP Traction, AMP Elevate, AMP Relaunch, AMP Black Tea, AMP Green Tea, AMP Lightning

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From left to right: AMP Energy (lemon-lime), Overdrive (cherry), Elevate (mixed berry), Traction (grape) and Relaunch (orange).

AMP Energy (or simply AMP - formerly Mountain Dew AMP) is an energy drink produced and distributed by PepsiCo under the Mountain Dew soft drink brand.

AMP Energy Drink is currently the sponsor of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. AMP Energy sponsored athletes include Mason Aguirre, Hannah Teter, Keir Dillon, Kevin Pearce, Chad Kagy and Anthony Napolitan. AMP Energy Drink has also partnered with celebrities on their WHAT'S NEXT video series, including DJ Steve Aoki, Spank Rock, Brian Lichtenberg, DJ Rashida, Tofer Chin, Eddie Cruz, DJ Skeet Skeet, Grey Ant, Gary Richards, Dick Tershay, Steve Patino, Han Cholo, Gen Art, Mick Kelleher, Rickey Kim, and art crew Hit + Run. AMP Energy sponsored Music Loves Fashion at Coachella 2009, Trouble Andrew's 2009 tour with Santigold, the Nylon (magazine) Summer Music Tour, S.L.A.T.E. at Magic (trade show), and multiple other events nationwide.

In many cities across the United States, AMP Energy has street teams with customized AMP cars distributing free limited-edition cans of AMP Energy Drink at lifestyle venues and events. Each local AMP Energy team can be followed on Twitter to see which events AMP Energy is hosting or attending next in each region. The main AMP Energy Twitter account is a feed of the latest AMP Energy "WHAT'S NEXT" news (@AMPwhatsnext). AMP Energy Drink's Facebook page gives fans access to events, videos, and updates.

AMP Energy was launched in 2001 to compete with Red Bull and is available in 8.3 oz, 16 fl.oz. (Tall Boy) and 24 fl.oz. (Big Rig) cans and made with Mountain Dew's base flavor formula. 16 fluid ounces of AMP contains 143 milligrams of caffeine, as well as taurine, ginseng, B-vitamins, guarana and maltodextrin.

On January 8, 2010, World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) announced that AMP Energy will be the official energy drink of WEC. Amp Energy will also sponsor three of the WEC's top stars - featherweight Urijah Faber, featherweight Chad Mendes, and bantamweight Joseph Benavidez.


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AMP Energy (original and Juice [Orange and Mixed Berry])

AMP Sugar Free

AMP Overdrive

AMP Traction

AMP Elevate

AMP Relaunch

AMP Lightning

AMP Energy Sugar Free Lightning

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