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With the ozone layer threatening to rip apart because of mankind's foolishness, the best alternative source of energy that is readily available today, and more importantly, free, are the clean energy.

There are several sources of clean energy which we humans can harness and use without causing destruction to mother earth. The solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro electric powers are but some of the sources of clean energy which is mother nature's gift to us humans since it is readily available, free and existing in huge amounts.

Solar energy is the most popular among the clean energy sources. Rays of the sun are harnessed and collected by photovoltaic cells which convert the light rays into electricity for distribution to the different parts of the home. Do you know that if we can only harness the sun's ray for e mere hour, we could generate electricity which we can use for a period of one whole year!

Aside from the sun light which help us produce electricity, the heat emanated by the sun is also used for thermal systems which can generate heat and used for heating air and water by huge commercial buildings and structures.

Solar energy for industrial purposes is already also in the process of being publicly used but may not yet be available in the near future.

Wind energy, on the other hand, are very much being utilized today by some business entities since the power of the wind is easy to harness and gather. Huge turbines are connected in gigantic fans which spin every time it catches the force of the wind. Electricity is generated by the rotation of these large turbines.

Hydro electric power also uses the same principle as that of the wind energy. Turbines also spin and rotate while bodies of water run through it thereby creating hydro electric energy in the process.

Another form of clean energy that is not harmful and dangerous on the earth's atmosphere is geothermal energy, which uses the heat emanated from beneath the earth's surface.

In some portions of the earth, especially those near active volcanoes, steam is discharged due to the natural heat brought about by the volcanic activities. The steam that emanates above the ground creates enough force and power to spin the turbines which, in turn produces electricity in the process.

Whatever the source, it is very clear that clean energy is the power of the future. It is not only a cheap source of energy but at the same time is also nature-friendly.

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Clean Energy

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This article was published on 2011/01/06