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To date, the French state is by far the largest shareholder of: "Electricite du France". Only a small percentage (about 13%) is free for public trade. The so-called: free-float.

In the annual report of 2001 a graph is showing in what way the electricity prices are diminishing. The energy sector is changing is many other sectors. One of the main characteristics is that the suppliers of energy and the distributors are being separated. It should be possible to hire any electricity provider of what ever country and origin. That is the theory.

In 2001, nuclear energy makes up more than 50% of the output of EDF. Hydro and fossil-fired are the other two categories.

After achieving the objectives of its industrial project launched in 2004, a new phase of "growth and investment" has been defined (1). Its strategy aims to respond to growth in demand and to the global challenges of climate change and supply security, while establishing the Group as a leader in sustainable development:

For the new timeline, 2008-2012, focus is set on five priorities; the sustainable investment in:

1. the global nuclear revival
2. in renewables and energy eco-efficiency
3. industrial assets in France
4. Securing gas supply
5. Strengthening the business in Europe

The global nuclear revival. Will it come? When the oil price reached 150 dollars a barrel I was quite sure about it. But now oil-gurus predict a price of 10 dollars. Yet one could ask with the demands for energy whether alternatives like wind and sun are sufficient to cope with the growing demand...

According to the report, the drivers of growth come from: highly-skilled and motivated teams, research and development and a policy of environmental and corporate social responsibility.
An example of the first is that "6,000 individuals transferred from distribution to sales and marketing" and 23,000 employees changed their job specification. (1) Other elements that contribute are an employee benefit system, a more project based approach and growth in apprenticeship.

What calls for attention on the EDF website is the sponsoring of the French national olimpic committee (CNOSF). An energy supplier is a very good (symbolic) choice as a sponsor; what does a sportsman needs most: energy.


(1) - EDF Annual Report 2007

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