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Gas prices vary depending on where you live, however they also vary on the type of energy supply you have also. People have other motives in order to compare gas which may not be financial. For instance you may decide you would like to compare gas not to save money but in order to move to a greener tariff. Some comparison sites show how gas suppliers purchase their energy which means we can work out how much pollution you would create by switching to a new energy supplier. You are able to choose the greenest energy supplier in your area.

When you compare gas you can use an energy comparison service and see all energy tariffs that are available. In terms of results you can order results based on annual cost or service rating and you can also filter results based on annual cost or service rating. You can also filter results if you want to view capped products or green tariffs.

Below is a little summary of the major players in the energy industry in the UK. If you decide to compare gas you can choose any of the following or indeed many of the other suppliers that are available in the UK today.

Atlantic Electric and Gas. This company was created after two large energy providers merged (Scottish Hydro-Electric plc and Southern Electric plc). Atlantic Electric and Gas is part of Scottish and Southern Energy. Scottish and Southern Energy is one of the largest natural and gas and electricity companies in the UK with over 8.5 million accounts.

British Gas. This company provides UK gas and electricity services to millions of customers.

Countrywide Energy. Countrywide Energy has been a UK energy supplier to the rural community for over 50 years.

E.ON. Is one of the largest UK suppliers.

Ebico is a not-for-Profit company providing energy in the UK. Ebico's goal is to provide the best deals and cheap rates to people who need affordable energy. It tries to give fair prices with a simple tariff structure which is clear and transparent.

EDF Energy. Is the largest electricity supplier in London, South East England and South West England. EDF Energy has in the region of 5.1 million and residential and business customers.

Green Energy Is a UK green energy supplier which has two green tariffs to choose from: one with 17% from renewable energy sources and the other from 100% renewable sources.

Npower. Is a leading UK natural gas and electricity supplier. Npower is a provider to approximately 6.8 million retail customer accounts.

Scottish and Southern Energy. They were formed in 1998 and are one of the largest energy providers within the UK. They are said to be big believers in Green Energy.
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This article was published on 2011/01/02