Does Ambit Energy Work?

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Does Ambit Energy Work?

Ambit Energy has proven that their system works and has been documented as the fastest growing privately held company in the United States for 2010 by Inc. Magazine. So, I don’t think there is any question as to whether Ambit Energy works, the real question is will Ambit Energy work for you.

Who is Ambit Energy?

Ambit Energy is retail electricity and natural gas provider currently providing service in 5 states – Texas, New York, Illinois, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.  Ambit Energy became the fastest growing privately held company with only 3 states and moved into Maryland on November 1, 2010, and then into Pennsylvania Feb 1, 2011.  Ambit Energy is a “licensed” retail energy provider within these states by passing a strict and rigorous compliance and approval process to provide a public utility.  This fact is important because it lends credibility and demonstrates that they operating legally and within state guidelines just like any other “licensed” electric and natural gas retailers. Ambit Energy has simply chosen Network Marketing to create loyal customers, and allow entrepreneurs to capitalize on the breakup of energy monopolies as this market continues to expand nationally.

Will Ambit Energy Work For You?

I think it’s clear that Ambit Energy works, I believe it’s also clear that Network Marketing works.  What may be unclear is if Ambit Energy or Network Marketing will work for you.  Starting an Ambit Energy business or any other business is more about the business owner and operator than anything else.  Ultimately, you’ll have to look inside yourself and determine why you will make this opportunity work for you and what you’re committed to doing to make it work for you.  This conversation you must have with yourself and determine if you’re ready to create what Ambit Energy can put you in position to receive.  Ambit Energy is simply the vehicle it’s up for you to get in the vehicle step on the gas and guide the vehicle in the right direction.

How Can I Guarantee Success In Ambit Energy?

The only thing guaranteed in life is death.  However, you can put yourself in position to win in life and Ambit Energy if you simply connect with the right leaders and follow a proven system for success. Ambit Energy genuinely has a system in place that can be duplicated, however it’s up to you to master the implementation of that system and learn to access and create relationships with like-minded individuals who desire the same things in life you do and are willing and able to go after what they ultimately want.


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Does Ambit Energy Work?

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This article was published on 2011/06/03