Energy Deregulation And Energy Broker Jobs

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Approximately one third of the US has its energy deregulated. What does this mean; it means it allows for a competitive marketplace in an industry that has always been controlled by a handful of corporate giants regionally. Energy deregulation allows for consumers to shop for the best available energy rates in their local market. The recent developments in energy deregulation have created a large growing demand for energy brokers in the US. An energy broker has established relationships with multiple utility providers allowing for more access for consumers to compare energy rates and save.

Now, lets rewind a decade or two and explore two major industries that deregulated and created massive wealth for those savvy entrepreneurs who saw opportunity. The airline and telecommunications industry were and it led to an income revolution. In the telecom hay day some of you may recall the barrage of telemarketers calling you at dinner time asking you if wanted to switch long distance providers and save on your long distance rates. Well, because of deregulation a lot of people made fortunes from it. Then it lead to the advent of the wireless industry which all of you should be familiar with and can imagine how many made fortunes from that. Now lets look at the airlines, all I have is one word Expedia. That should sum it for the airlines Expedia and companies similar to it make fortunes and all started by savvy entrepreneurs like you.

So lets focus on the energy broker opportunities and what it means for you. An energy broker job can be extremely lucrative for those dealing with commercial customers, why? Because commercial customers use more energy than residential. On average a local small business uses 300,000 - 500,000 kilowatt hours a year, now larger businesses like hospital, factories, supermarkets, server facilities use millions of kilowatt hours annually.

Now, in affiliation with the Energy Market Exchange offer savvy entrepreneurs looking for a ground floor opportunity the chance to do so. There are fewer than five thousand energy brokers in the US and there are well over 1 million real estate agents, two hundred thousand stock brokers and four hundred thousand insurance agents. Theres almost no competition when you compare it to the nearly twenty eight million businesses in the US, all potential customers.

A career as an energy broker is truly the perfect opportunity to earn residual income and potentially six figure income. Everyone uses energy, there is no inventory and with the free web platform from in affiliation with the Energy Market Exchange you have all that you need to succeed. The EMEX web platform is basically the Expedia of Energy. Commercial energy uses receive real time energy quotes from up to 15 top utility providers with a free savings analysis and can make the switch right from their computer. The average savings for a commercial energy user offered by independent energy broker is nearly thirty percent, depending on the business the savings can be staggering.

If youre looking for a new career, looking to work part time, looking to work from home, looking to work online and want to earn the chance to earn six figure income visit to learn more.
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Energy Deregulation And Energy Broker Jobs

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This article was published on 2010/12/02