Energy PR: A Hot Topic

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Energy is probably the single most important issue facing the modern world. It dominates the global economic and political agenda like nothing else and touches all our lives.  As a result a specialty in the world of communications has come of age:  energy PR.


Decisions we make now about how we generate, manage, distribute, use and pay for our energy in the years to come will literally determine the future of the human race and the planet and energy PR plays in an important role in informing those decisions.


Small wonder that energy is far and away the number one topic for the world’s media. And journalists are especially interested in the role of technology in the energy debate.  And that’s what has fueled the rise of energy PR specialists who are called upon to run client campaigns on technical innovations in cleantech, smart metering, smart grids, demand management, sustainability and many other areas.


Energy technology is also one of the hottest topics in the social media world and dealing with this world is a strong suit for energy PR pros as social media has become a crucial element of any communications program in this market. Virtually all companies can benefit by integrating mainstream and digital media approach to energy PR.


Powered by popular will, dramatic legislation, plus the impact of deregulation, the energy industry is moving in dozens of different directions to power the needs of the future. Using new sources, new feedstocks, new technology and new ways of thinking, leading companies rely on energy PR specialists to help facilitate acceptance and generate awareness of their distinct advantages.


When seeking an energy PR specialist look for one that has experience in the following areas:


- Managing relations with or responding to a grassroots environmental activist group

- Creating a public policy climate favorable to passage (or defeat) of energy policy legislation or regulation

- Raising awareness for a new clean-energy technology

- Promoting a new energy product or process

- Managing issues and crises

- Providing expertise with vertical energy segments, including oil and gas, power generation, transmission and distribution, alternative (solar and wind), technology, and services.

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Energy PR: A Hot Topic

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Energy PR: A Hot Topic

This article was published on 2011/11/30