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Catabolic Energy vs Anabolic Energy

At a cellular level, catabolism and anabolism relate to various biochemical processes of metabolism. Catabolism is the breakdown process (of complex molecules - food and other substances), while anabolism is the building process of body tissue.

Net growth occurs when anabolism exceeds catabolism; net loss occurs when catabolism exceeds anabolism.

When we talk about a person's anabolic and catabolic energy, it's a broader statement about constructive and destructive forces in the entire person. We are not only made up of trillions of cells, we are also made up of anabolic or catabolic thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions (hereafter referred to as TBEA). Every TBEA has an energetic force, and leaves an energy footprint on our energy system.

The Big 4 Energy Blocks, F.L.I.P. (Fears, Limiting Beliefs, Inner Critic, Perception) get in the way of our success and hold us back from expressing our true potential. Energy blocks? Yes, F.L.I.P is catabolic (unhealthy, negative) energy. Anabolic (healthy, positive) energy is green. Here's why staying anabolic is "green" for our energy systems.

  • Anabolic thoughts, emotions and actions raise our energy levels

Like stock prices that fluctuate up and down depending on the day's trading, our energy levels rise and fall during a day. Anabolic TBEA (e.g. joy, non-judgment, acts of love and service) raise our energy levels while catabolic TBEA (e.g. anger, guilt, blame) lower our energy levels.
  • Anabolic thoughts and beliefs make work seem effortless

Anabolic thoughts, beliefs generate anabolic emotions and translate to anabolic actions. They inspire and energize. We are on top of the world, on cloud nine. We feel confident and in control. We see opportunities and possibilities. We believe that our efforts will produce the desired results. Anabolic questions like "What's right?", "What's the opportunity here? ", "How can we make this work?" open the doors to creativity. Ideas flow and we are on a roll! Our level of engagement and focus are high. In short, we are more productive and efficient and get a whole lot of work done and it all seems effortless.
  • Anabolic energy is healing and organic

The human energy system is self-governing and always strives to be in an anabolic state, a state of balance and harmony with nature.

When our thoughts and emotions denote any kind of danger ( like when we spot a lion and have to run for our lives!) or stress (I have only one day to complete all this...), it switches into a crisis mode. There is an increase in blood pressure and blood sugar, a surge of adrenalin, and reduced immune responses. There is a temporary surge in energy to help us deal with the crisis.

In today's world, stress, anxiety and conflict have become facts of life, forcing the body to operate in a constant crisis mode. It is like driving a vehicle in the wrong gear. Not only don't we get very far, the vehicle (analogy to our body) can end up with plenty of wear and tear.

It's important that we take steps to replenish and nourish our energy system with sufficient anabolic energy. Anabolic energy is nourishing, organic, healing and harmonious with nature. Proper and timely nourishment, sufficient rest and sleep, exercise, creative activities, meditation, positive and healthy TBEA are examples of some activities that keep us in an anabolic state.

  • Anabolic energy is environment friendly

When we are anabolic we are environment friendly. We have a positive and healthy influence on the surrounding environment - people, pets, plants. Anabolic energy is like clean, pure air. It inspires, energizes and empowers not only us but others around us. We get attracted to positive and inspiring people, don't we? So, it is only natural that if we are anabolic others would be equally attracted to us. What does that mean? Opportunities and possibilities!
  • Be aware of thoughts that raise or lower your energy level.
  • Find opportunities to ask these questions, at home or at work: "What's right?", "What's the opportunity here? ", "How can we make this work?"
  • What is it that moves you into an anabolic state in 60 seconds or less?
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This article was published on 2010/04/03