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Although it may seem like one more step in an already complex process, Queensland's new sustainability declaration is going to help sellers and buyers alike. If you are unaware of what the new form entails, you can learn more about it by reading the following information.

What The Sustainability Declaration Does -

There are four separate parts of the sustainability declaration: energy, water, safety and access. In each section, the seller will fill out pertinent information regarding each topic. Under the energy section, for instance, he will fill in questions regarding how energy efficient the home actually is. Completing items such as the number of energy efficient lights currently in use will provide an indication of the annual savings that can be achieved.

Firm Numbers Provide Usable Information -

The sustainability declaration will help bring to light the more positive aspects of the energy efficiency of any given home. It is hoped that this form will prompt sellers to make energy improvements to their homes before putting them on the market. Since getting through the conveyancing Brisbane process is so important, the sustainability form will offer one extra way for sellers to market the positive features of their homes. Those whose homes aren't all that energy or water efficient - or whose homes don't boast exceptional safety or access features - will be more likely to make the relevant improvements.

Report Card Section Gives Buyers A Preview -

Near the bottom of the new sustainability declaration, there is a "report card" section. In this section, sellers will indicate what the average electricity bill has been while they lived there, among other things. This way, buyers will get a much-appreciated preview of what they can expect when they move in. It's just one more way to educate buyers and to help them make informed decisions. Knowing how much they'll be paying for water, for instance, will help make their decision much easier.

Know What You're Getting Yourself Into -

Although some people may not like the new sustainability declaration requirement, the vast majority will undoubtedly embrace it and see it as a positive thing. Anything that helps shed light on practical concerns like accessibility, safety and water consumption is bound to have a positive impact on the home buying and selling process here in Australia. Home improvements are most likely going to escalate as sellers vie to improve the marks on their sustainability declarations, and buyers will have one more weapon in their arsenal to help protect them from being taken for a ride.

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Ownit Conveyancing understand that although the new sustainability declaration won't have a direct impact on the conveyancing Brisbane and conveyancing Gold Coast process, it is sure to play a role in how home sales occur.

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Learn About The New Sustainability Declaration

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This article was published on 2010/03/26