Plugging The Leak In Our Personal Energy

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In modern society, we are constantly confronted with the message to "be green" and "reduce our carbon footprint." Virtually no scientist would argue with the common wisdom that says that over-consumption and waste are leading to the depletion of our natural resources and threatening our very survival.

If you look at everyday human interaction as a microcosm of these very real global issues, one could assert that we are wasting our personal resources as well. Instead of focusing our energy resources on relationships and pursuits that efficiently produce the things we want, we absentmindedly fuel relationships and habitual ways of being that drain our god-given energy stores and produce waste in our lives. This "waste product" leaves little room for the glorious lives we dream of to show up.

I find the more intentional I am about zeroing in on what I truly want and going for it, the less of my personal energy resources I burn unconsciously.

Consider the ideas that follow as my thoughts on "human energy conservation."

Tune in to Your Natural Guidance

Tuning in to your guidance will give flow and energy to your life and free you up. Ignoring our internal guidance system creates friction in our lives. We do it in order to conform to expectations, standards and ideals that live outside of ourselves. All of that conforming uses up great stores of energy.

When we try to guide our lives by external notions of what is right, we struggle, we endure and we persist in the face of resistance. And we lose sight of the real prize, happiness, in favor of doing things according to socially accepted standards in order to be right. Learning to reconnect with and listen to our internal guidance releases that struggle and stops that waste of energy.

Cut down on Television Viewing

Limiting screen time to programs you are actually interested in and focused on will keep you from the TV brain drain that happens otherwise. Endless time spent unconsciously in front of that little picture tube saps your energy. Unless you are alert and paying active attention to a program, it's like sleep walking. And clearly, being comatose in front of the television is a surefire indicator that there is something useful you are not attending to.

By all means, continue to enjoy the programs you are engaged with. But avoid the boob tube as the place to go unconscious to life. You'll feel better.

Clear the Clutter Out of Your Life

Clutter promotes unconsciousness. Empty, clear spaces attract possibility. External clutter (like messy, disorganized rooms) creates internal clutter (like an unfocused, preoccupied mind).

Clearing up physical messes has the added benefit of clearing the mind. By dealing with internal and external clutter, you are making room for and welcoming the things you want which have not yet arrived. If you're used to trying hard and struggling, try "making room" instead and see what happens.

Only Maintain Relationships in Which There is a Mutual Exchange of Energy

Avoiding relationships and partnerships where the other person is an energy siphon will quickly perk you up. This is such a common issue that one must use care since often energy siphons include friends, family members and business associates. Setting clear boundaries will insulate you more effectively from those with whom you cannot or do not want to disassociate with completely.

Take Time Each Day to Rest and Recharge

Spend time, possibly in meditation, to quiet and rejuvenate your brain. It's almost impossible to think creatively and just "be" when your brain is full of "doing".

Trying out any or all of these suggestions will not only increase your personal energy, it will improve your quality of life. Try them and see.
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Plugging The Leak In Our Personal Energy

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This article was published on 2010/10/21