Solar Energy Facts and Human Health

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Solar energy is quite rightly deemed as the energy source of future. Popularly known as the Clear Energy, it is available in abundance and helps in reducing pollution levels and keeping a check on Global warming. Unlike fossil fuels it will not be depleted for at least next 4.5 billion years to come. Today, only 1% of our energy needs are met with Solar power, while in next 16 years we would be totally dependent on solar energy. By shifting on solar power for our energy needs we can turn back the global warming effect and create a perfect environment in next 20 years.
As there are no harmful emissions, solar energy could play a big role in improving Human Health. Having said that there are various solar energy facts which can play a crucial role in Human health.
One of the known solar energy facts is that it is surely the cleanest fuel available. As much as 98% of Carbon dioxide in US is released by direct combustion of Fossil fuels. More than 50% of Sulpher dioxide also comes from burning of fossil fuels. In US alone, more than 90% people breathe air which is below minimum quality standard. Non renewable fuels, if completely replaced by solar energy will help to reduce the pollution levels and in turn will improve the human health.
Another known solar energy facts is that by using the photo voltaic cell, commonly known as PV cell, solar energy can be converted into electricity which can be used for running all common household appliances. In many rural areas, electricity is not present and thus Kerosene lamps are used to light the houses. These lamps pose a serious threat to health as Carbon dioxide is released on combustion of Kerosene leading to lung disorders. Solar energy used to light the house can help in reducing the effects of harmful gases on health.
One more of solar energy facts is that solar energy can also be used to purify the water. This can be of great advantage at rural areas where there is shortage of both electricity and money for the installation of water purifiers and would help in improving human health.
Solar energy is harmful in a few ways to human health. In PV cells for generating electricity from solar energy, Silicon dioxide is used which itself is a toxic material. Also, electricity generated by using PV cells radiates high level of RF electromagnetic electricity radiation and caused headache and restlessness in people who are hypersensitive to electromagnetic waves.
Solar energy has a few health hazards, but there are too small in front of the long list of benefits it will provide to human health. We need to put serious efforts to start shifting to solar power to make the environment cleaner and human health much better.
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Solar Energy Facts and Human Health

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This article was published on 2012/12/03