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When switching gas and electricity it is definitely a good idea to consider paying by direct debit. The reason for this is that most companies charge a fee for processing your payment if you don't pay by direct debit, so doing so will allow you to increase your savings and enable you to make sure that you are never late for being late on a payment. In addition you should consider an online account with paperless billing. This not only helps the environment but often is the cheapest too as they allow energy providers to save too.

If switching gas and electricity supplier is such a good thing then you may ask yourself why isn't everyone doing it? Well actually millions of people are doing it. Over 100,000 people a week switch or roughly 5 million a year! As well as saving you hundreds of pounds and getting onto a tariff which is better for your needs, switching provider could allow you to do more to help the environment For example almost every energy supplier offers a green energy tariff that promises to match your energy consumption with renewable energy such as solar power, wind turbines and wave energy. Some of these tariffs will cost a little more each month, whereas others will offer incentives for switching.

Switching gas and electricity allows you to compare each energy supplier in your area enabling you to find out which one offers the cheapest tariff for your postcode and energy usage.

If you have moved into a new property you need to notify the existing energy provider and tell them the current meter readings this will mean that you will not have to pay for energy that you have not used. There is a good chance that you will be put on to the energy suppliers standard tariff but it is important to note that such plans are more expensive as the energy companies normally reserve the best deals for new customers. Also if when you have moved into a new property if the electricity or the gas (or both) have been cut off you may have to pay a connection charge to have the supply reconnected. Your supplier will be able to tell you how much this will be..
Lastly, make sure that you do an energy comparison as soon as possible after you have moved in and find out how much you could save by switching. Its important not to put this off as the longer you take to do this the longer you'll be stuck paying too much money on a standard tariff. Also remembering the fact that it could take up to six weeks for your new plan to be actioned, its important to do it as soon as you can.

Switching gas and electricity supplier has real benefits in terms of saving money for you and your family as millions of UK energy consumers have found out to their benefit.

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switching gas and electricity

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Switching Gas And Electricity

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This article was published on 2011/01/02