Why Water Ionization Is Important?

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The body is made up of electromagnetic energy where we highly depend in order to move. This ranges from the most common to the smallest movements inside our body like the beating of the heart. Therefore, obvious or not, all types of movements requires energy.
In order to get energy, our body consumes food, water and air which are considered as its fuel. As we breathe, eat and drink, our body consumed this fuel. Once the fuel is consumed it doesnt instantly become energy. This becomes potential energy that needs to go through a chemical reaction to become chemical energy which was transferred by nucleotides to the cells for metabolism.

These chemical reactions are implicated in producing energy that is needed by two molecules to exchange atoms. The trade has to be equal and compatible. Each atom that is traded contains either a positive or negative charge. A positive atom can only be traded for a negative atom and a negative atom can only be traded for a positively charged atom. These positively or negatively charged atoms are called Ions. It is the trade for the oppositely charged atom that triggers the release and transference of energy. But because of pollution in the environment, the chemical transference of fuel to energy has, over time, lost much of its productivity. Since we also ingest everything we put in the biosphere.

These pollutants are not needed addition to the fuel. In fact it can cause an imbalance the subtle processes that turn our fuel into energy. When we move, negatively charged ions unite with positively charged ions to enable the energy required to make a movement; the result is a molecule with all of its ions now positively charged. In order for more movement to be made, fresh negative ions are needed. The problem that pollutants pose is that they are the by-products of movement; therefore they contain almost all positive ions.

To convert the body fuel for movement, the human body needs to work eventually to negatively ionize the water, food and air that we take in. We will need to have enough negative ions to provide the basic movements specially the process that occurs inside our body in order to survive. Vinyl and plastic are two staples of modern living that generate enough of an electrical field to repel negative ions together with different electronic devices. Because of this, the body is having a hard time creating negative ions.

If it sounds hopeless, heres good news: Large amounts of negative ions can now be produced through outside ionization. Lets use water as an example. Ionized water is a drinking water that has been subjected to electrolysis; a process separates the alkaline and acid content found in water molecules. When water has been properly ionized it enhances the oxygen content of the blood and neutralizes free radicals in the blood stream, thus freeing up the body from its struggle to producing just enough negative ions to survive, and instead flooding the body with enough negative ions that it can function as it was designed to!

Chanson Ionizers can produce large amounts of negatively charged ions, enabling you to start relieving your body of the pressures to produce negatively charged ions just to survive, and start producing them in quantities that will truly make a difference in your health.
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Why Water Ionization Is Important?

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This article was published on 2011/02/10